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Hey guys…
Today post will be something simple
Just up to date events, nothing extravagant

Tomorrow will be start of fasting  month.
Happy Ramadhan to all the Islam( Selamat berpuasa)

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Wait for it. I’m renovating my home kitchen and toilet.
Have you have an intention in your heart that you want to change an image if your house. I DO! Been planning for years,many donkey years..
So i guess the time is here.
Slowly clearing the  stuff in the kitchen
The only time you find unused stuff is by cleaning.
As usual i’m selling them on my carousel https://carousell.com/buysave/
Do drop by.
Will upload image once all the renovation works done..

TV Shows
Been binge watching shows, like a lot. Currently i’m into:





Another trip done!!!
4 Days 3 Night Vacation

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Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Jaya Ancol Dreamland (Taman Impian Jaya Ancol)

Be Prepare to spent the WHOLE day here.
The place is huge


Located in West Java between Bandung and Bogor, Puncak is a popular weekend escape for relaxing in its resorts and campgrounds, hiking through lush jungle, joining an exotic animal safari, and sampling tea from the region’s plantations.
Woke up at 4am, For this journey. Almost 2 hour drive.
The view was damn NICE. Abit chilly when you reach the top.


-We need to sign a form indicating they are not realible for any mishap>
-No need to Pre booked for the activity
-Payment made on the spot


Taman Safari

Modern Zoological concept
Buy carrot from vendor along the street to feed the animals in the zoo
See upclose the animal near your window screen



We did not know of this.
Upon leaving Puncak, Our driver ask if we want to take picture-Paragaya Puncak
So it’s a YES
You can choose for your picture to be taken from their camera or yours.
Payment depend on how many picture you want



Kota Tua
Discover the wonders of old town Jakarta from Kota Tua



National Monument, or simply Monas
Sadly did not manage to enter the skyline as they were closed for an event. Open later time.


4 days was definitely not enough to explore Jakarta.
I did not even went shopping
So a must to travel ..
Because i have a job back in home town. So i have to end my journey


Life post


I’ve been trying new food be it from cafe or food stall.

  1. Kumoya Halal-certified Japanese-French inspired cafe.
    Ordered:-Truffle Fries-$10.90 :Not really a fan of it.
    -Sakuraparfait-$14.90:The design might be the pretties dessert                                          ever.Served with cereal topping, Fruits at side, cheesecake and                                       syrup.

    Venue: 8 Jalan Klapa
    Singapore 199320
    Opening hours: 12:00pm – 09:00pm (Daily except monday)
    Nearest Mrt Station: Bugis


2. Pies and Coffee


Venue: Rochester Mall
Nearest MRT: Buona Vista
Opening hours: Mon – Sun: 9:00 am – 11:00 pm
Order: -Croissant with Eggs, Turkey ham and cheese-$13.50
-Hot Tea
Let’s just say I finish the whole meal during breakfast
Don’t worry they do sell Pies and dessert


3. Food court @ Clementi


Ordered: Thaksin Beef Noodle-$5
Venue: Block 449,Clementi Ave 3
Opening hours: 1030am to 10 pm
Nearest MRT: Clementi
How often you get served with political name on a bowl.
The broth filled with smell of herbs and spices accompany with chunks of beef

4. Jack n Jill Potato Chips


Venue: Any shops
Flavour: Honey Butter
As i open the package, the smell of honey linger through my nose.
The chips taste sweet of honey
Worth trying but maybe not a regular chip i would munch everytime

To be continue again later with the rest of the food ….


Gardens by the Bay & Singapore Flyer

Believe me, it’s my first time stepping foot at Gardens By the Bay.
I’ve step on in Singapore Flyer thou many years ago..
Anyway, time to do some exploring in my own country.

Venue: Gardens by the Bay
Nearest MRT: Bay Front, Exit B and follow the direction

Saw this while walking our way there….
It’s like a big shelter in the middle of pathway


MBS behind us…..17458058_10155067574427910_5780806553053267316_n

Floating baby17457629_10155067574352910_6611036915939475754_n17498442_10155067574497910_9051463931813677291_n

Getting nearer..So excited……..


First Stop
OCBC Skyway
Take stroll walk with the beautiful scenary
Beautiful view with pictures
Open from 9AM to 9PM
Admission fee to enter up
-Adult: $8
-Senior (≥60 years old): $8
-Child (3-12 years old): $5

Cloud Forest
Open from 9AM to 9PM
Ticket entry-We brought for 2 Double Conservatories(Flower and cloud Forest)-S20

Waterfall Mist




We ate at Satay By The Bay.
Food wasn’t to my liking

Night view was awesome
Make our way to Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer
Enterance Fee:$33









Another trip done.
This time to Bintan
It’s a short trip 3D2N

Bintan is definetely more expensive than Batam but the scenary is Istagram worthy.
Word of advice-Remember to change your currency at your country before take off.

How to reach Bintan from Singapore?
Head to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. Pre-booked your ferry ticket online and come early to collect your ticket before boarding.

If you have a weak stomach, try not to eat just before boarding. Our ferry keep on bumping up and down , that people on our left,right,front and back seat keep on vomiting. Seriously 😑Me?? I feel so nausea that I want to vomit but I control myself.

After custom checked at Bintan-BBT,Find a guy holding your hotel name. He will direct  you to your shuttle bus going to your hotel. If you did not see, just wait. He will come. As usual, there will be local people offer taxi service to the hotel. And the price DAMN….


Stayed at Grand Lagoi
Environment: Satisfied
Staff: Satisfied
Cleanliness: Satisfied
Food: Satisfied
WIFI: Available in rooms
The hotel is located next to a small mall called Plaza Lagoi and short distant walk to the beach. However, there are some construction going on for upcoming new buildings.
Weather is super hot. Remember to bring your sun tan lotion.

Had our first meal there…


We want to ride the air plane but the pilot was away from the country for two weeks. Our heart drop..


Lots of water activity was hold off during our stay due to Moonsoon.
We made our way to Bintan Lagoon Beach.
Tried ATV for the first time. It was F-U-N!



Because the weather looks nice, time for some photo taking!Head out to Fireflies at Bintan Mangrove


Went to Explore the historical site at Tanjung Pinang and Pulau Penyengat.
Cost around Tanjung Pinang is definitely cheaper than Bintan
Food is good too.

To go to Pulau Penyengat, u need to take a boat
It’s a small island nominated to UNESCO to be one of the World Heritage Site such as Sultan Riau Great Mosque

Walk around Chinese Park




Trip to Seoul–Checked
Another solo trip but i will be back. Definely
It was a short trip. 4 day 3 night

Stayed at Itaewon Hotel
Location: Near Itaewon subway and many food outlet
Environment: Clean
Overall: Passed
Wireless: Available in rooms

Weather there was cold. Extremely cold and i was not prepare.NOT PREPARE!!
I had to buy new winter colthes.
Lesson learned

Being a cat lover, Of course i had to step my foot in the cafe.
The cafe is located at Myeong-dong area.


Walking around Myeong-dong street.
Best Known shopping district with clothes,cosmetic departmental store ,food vendor etc.
Walk towards Exit 6 of Myoeng-dong subway and start your journey from there.
Went down the street twice there.

Ehwa Womans University Street
Take subway to Ehwa Womans University Exit 2/3
Along the street, many small vendor selling food.
Just walked along the street and it will lead you to the famous Ehwa Womans University.
It’s the first women’s collage.

I want to visit the Heunginjimun gate but the area was closed for upgrading.
So i went for a walk at Dongdaenum Seonggwak Park.
Be preapred to walk up the hill, and take beautiful picture up ahead.



Gyeongbokgung Palace a.k.a The royal palace
Leant about the royal culture and historical living of the Koreans
Subway: Gwanghwamun station
You ca witness the exchange the guard ceremony at  11am and 1pm

I will come back to explore more places but not in winter period…